Cheap Tricks

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My gift to you this week: a master list of hacks to save money wherever possible.


I always find myself wasting money in little areas – not taking advantage of discounts, buying things unnecessarily, etc. I can’t be the only one who does this so I’ve decided to compile a list of things we can all try to do in our daily lives to save some cash money.

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One.  (Sneakily) Bring a container to the dining hall. Keep it in your backpack or purse or under your shirt, but bring one! You can easily fill up two plates, go back to your table, and slide that food into a Tupperware for later. Breakfast for dinner, a midnight snack, you never know when you’re gonna crave some yummy Brow Chow.giphy (5)

Two. Along the same lines, if you go to a restaurant and don’t take your leftovers, you are wasting money AND food – shame, shame. I’m super guilty of this and it NEEDS to be stopped!!

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Three. Have a potluck with friends! If you live in an apartment, or just have access to a stove, you can make one portion and have your friends each bring something else. You all get a variety of foods but only paid for a little bit of it. Is there literally anything better than that?

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Four. Did you know Starbucks gives free refills on regular coffees and teas? I did not. Sit your butt in a Starbucks, order a drink, and do homework for hours without breaking the bank.

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Five. OR (and hear me out) invest in a Keurig/other single-portion coffee maker!!!!!!!!! I know what you’re thinking: “Sam, K-cups are 1. expensive and 2. TERRIBLE for the environment.” And here’s what I’m thinking: I’m proud of you for being money conscious, as well as caring about our earth. BUT, what you can do to side-step both of these issues is buy those reusable K-cup things and refill it with one of those Costco size coffee grounds boxes.

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Six. Keep snacks on you during long days!!! I cannot emphasize this one enough. If you’re like me, you have class from 9am-4pm some days with no time for a meal break. That means I’m either shoving money into a vending machine and paying $9 for like two bags of chips or I’m hitting up the closest food place afterwards and buying half the menu. Bring snacks from home!!!! You’ll save money and your metabolism.

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Seven. If you find yourself constantly ordering coffee or tea, buy a box of tea bags, bring a couple to a coffee shop, and ask for some water. Hot water is free, but a large hot tea at some places is like $4 so you do the math. Plus, switching from coffee to tea is better for your health.

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Eight. My all-time favorite food hack is working somewhere, like a restaurant or market, that makes and sells food. 9 times outta 10 you’ll get a free meal every shift and/or a discount whenever you visit as a customer.

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Nine. Whenever you go anywhere, ask if they have a student discount!! Your local mall, restaurant, gas station, I don’t care where – ask!

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If you have any of your own suggestions that you’ve found to work really well PLEASE let me know. I’m dyin’ to save money in a big way.

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xoxo help a b*tch out

9 thoughts on “Cheap Tricks

  1. I really had no idea Starbucks gives free refills omg. So thank you so much for that piece of info, catch me at Starbucks 24/7 now lol. As for the tip about carrying snacks with you for long days, I can vouch for that and say it absolutely helps! I have class from 10am-9pm on Thursdays and it not only helps your bank account but you’re also not starving the entire day. I really loved this blog post because you added some personalized details in your points as well.

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  2. I think these are all super necessary tips that everyone needs to know and I love that they were numbered in small paragraph form making it easier to read. That being said, I have used the tubberware in dining hall trick. I don’t have meal swipes this semester but I finessed a guest swipe with my friend so I immediately took the opportunity to bring food back home.

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  3. Reading your post was so helpful! You gave us really great tips, especially about bringing snacks from home with you. I am a commuter so I always make sure to bring snacks with me or I know I’m gonna be spending money when I could have just gotten something from home. Regarding your point about leftovers from restaurant, I always do it! I don’t understand how people can have half the portion left and not get it packed. Like whaaaat? Overall, I really enjoyed reading your post and the tips were really helpful. I’m looking forward to reading more!

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  4. I loved reading this post! I especially loved reading #6 as I can totally relate bringing snacks on my long days, which is pretty much everyday lol. I liked the helpful tips that you included in this post as they are very beneficial to many, whether you live on/off campus or commute. Thank you for writing this post and continue on sharing your helpful advice with us.

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  5. I love this post because I’m guilty of spending all my money on food. If you look at my bank account right now it is seriously all food places. The Starbucks tip is super helpful because I always slurp my drink down in less than a minute and am itching for more and wondering why I just spent $5 on a drink that was mostly ice. I love your style of writing, it’s fun to read and has some spunk every week.

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  6. This post has me dying the whole way through XD. These are all great tips (Especially the Starbucks one, I mean are you kidding me I had no idea) and most of those gifs made me laugh, the “Boom” one literally made me laugh out loud. The use of shortness for your points allowed for a fast-paced read, perfect for those gifs to sneak up on you lol.

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