Treat Yo Self

Have you ever found yourself craving filet mignon? Lobster? Pretty much anything that isn’t dining hall food?

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Do you ever crave these things and then cry because you remember you have $3.27 to your name?

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Fear not, friends.


This blog has introduced me to so many new things at Rutgers that I didn’t even know existed after being here for over four years. I know I’ve probably said this before. BUT it’s really shocking when you think you know everything about your home, then behind the next corner is something new.

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Has anyone else heard of The Rutgers Club???

‘Cause I haven’t… well, now I have, but before I hadn’t.

For those of you who don’t know, The Rutgers Club is a fancy ass dining room above the Livingston Dining Commons. It’s a members-only dining service that provides, claims their website, “a unique collegiate and charming atmosphere.” 


So, like, if it’s members only… who cares?

I do! I care, and you will too just wait, because they offer Student Night every Monday for students with meal plans and guest swipes. They offer a healthier, less mass-produced dinner than typical of the regular dining halls. It usually includes some pasta, soups, salads, and other casual foods. It’s no Ritz-Carlton, but it’s a nicer, more secluded dining experience with just a swipe of your RUID. They even require reservations so you know it’s gotta be fancy. It’s allllll about the atmosphere, my friends.

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You know what else?

giphy (5).gif

This weekend I treated myself.

I went home to see my family and some friends. On Friday night, my best friend and I went to our favorite sushi spot and literally gorged ourselves on sushi.


I know what you’re thinking, right, where’d I get the cash to live in this luxury?

Here’s the thing: It’s all you can eat, high quality sushi for $23 a head. It used to be $20 but those snakes raised the price. Still, though, $23 and we had like 15 rolls of sushi between the two of us.

Maybe you don’t know what that means, but let me break it down. At a reasonably-priced sushi establishment, one roll (8 pieces of sushi) is about $6.

If the deal was only for sushi, we technically had about $90 worth of sushi for $46. But, it also includes appetizers and dessert. We probably had about $110 worth of food for $46.

giphy (9).gif

I’m no mathematician, but that seems like a damn good deal.

Btw, it’s called Arigato in North Haledon for any of my North Jersey hoes.

I don’t have a specific recommendation here in the New Brunswick area, I’m kind of just flexing, but my point is: if you go to a place that’s all-you-can-eat, and listen close, EAT ALL YOU CAN EAT.

giphy (6).gif

Don’t die, but like, get your money’s worth.

A lot of the time, where I find myself losing out on money is when I don’t take full advantage of what I’m paying for. A huge example of this is not finishing meals when I go out and not taking food home with me. If I’m paying $20+ dollars for as much sushi as I can eat, you better believe I’m gonna find a way to smuggle some of that sushi home and then order more.

giphy (8).gif

The bottom line is that you don’t have to live off cheese and crackers (like I did for dinner last night). There are other reasonable options besides subjecting yourself to Brower for the sixth meal in a row. Explore what’s around you for good, cheap food, even food included in your meal plan.

Here’s a link to all the food options on campus, not just the dining halls, and those that accept meal swipes.

Happy hunting, friends.

xoxo broke, but satisfied

9 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self

  1. I can’t believe the livi dinning hall had something this fancy. I hope you enjoyed the food but at the moment i’m too broke to spend any money on food lol. I’ll definitely tell my friends who dorm about this just in case they don’t know!

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  2. You missed the opportunity to bring up Harvest on Cook Douglass, a division of the food science building, which also accepts meal swipes, is organic and freshly made, all materials are recyclable, and the chef won an episode of Chopped. (Make sure to do the research since you’re the expert here!)
    That said, this was a really fun and great post, with lots of helpful information that your readers will no doubt consider useful. Make sure to limit the scope to what is available to your readers, but all in all, keep up the great work!

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  3. I’m honestly sooo tired and bored with dining hall food already. At this point everything is starting to taste the same which sucks because I LOVE food. I lived on Livi my freshman year and had no idea about the Rutgers Club thing so I might try that soon. Also, I really enjoy your sense of humor, I giggled a few times while reading your post. Can’t wait for next week.

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  4. Honestly, sometimes I miss the dining hall food because it was so convenient and always available but last year it got so boring because most of the time they just have the same food. Now that I don’t have meal swipes I miss them dearly and find myself spending money on food from The Rock, etc. I wish I knew that the Rutgers club had a student day when I had meal swipes 😦

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  5. So that’s what’s above the Livingston Dining Commons! I always wondered all these years :O I just wish that students without meal plans could try it out as well as not everyone has access to friends with guest swipes. But thanks for this post! I might check out some of these places if they accept students with no meal swipes.

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  6. You are a gift from Heaven. I am appalled that Rutgers is so messed up that they couldn’t share this information, but than again, we have you! ❤ Honestly, thank you! After being here for three years and forcing myself to keep down the horrendous food here, I finally have something to look forward to. I'm putting the places I haven't eaten at on my Ruketlist so I can say I did it and, low-key, avoid the dining halls for as long as possible!!! Great job!

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