Avoiding Holiday Hibernation

Hello again, friends!


I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season so far. I had a great Thanksgiving, thank you for asking. My aunt made the most incredible food I really don’t know how she does it. She had two different kinds of stuffing (one with bacon, one with sausage). And literally the most amazing sweet potato casserole ever made; I’m not joking.

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Now that I’m back on campus, I’ve been thinking. As someone who really isn’t the most active person, how can I avoid turning into a giant holiday turkey this season? As we all know, a gym membership costs a severe amount of money and doing pretty much anything fun these days involves heavy drinking, am I right? Just me? Yeah, okay.

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So, I’m wondering, how can I stay active during the holidays while still enjoying myself and not emptying my wallet?

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Problem 1: Going to the Gym

As a Rutgers student, access to all campus gyms is included in my campus fees. The gyms all have weights and cardio equipment, some have pools, boxing gyms, athletic courts, and lots of other fun ways to stay active, like intramural and club sports. Personally, the “free” fitness classes are the best part about the Rutgers Rec centers. The app, RURec2Go, makes checking the times/locations of the classes really easy, and also lets you know what else is going on at the gyms that day.

For those of us graduating soon, even this semester, finding a cheap gym membership or one that doesn’t lock you in for life can be really difficult. Gyms like Crunch and Planet Fitness offer plans starting at $10/month for basic memberships. Planet Fitness is also notorious for their “loose” contracts.

Rutgers makes access to gyms no sweat (get it?).

Now… all I have to do is go.

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Problem 2: Going Low-Cal

I know for a damn fact I am not the only person who struggles with this during the holidays (and all the other days also). During the winter, though, it’s especially hard to watch what you eat/drink. For example, this week was Thanksgiving break. For those who aren’t familiar, Thanksgiving is a holiday where people eat a lot… and that’s it. We all literally just sit at a table with our families and stuff our faces with the most fattening food.

giphy (6)

Every time I saw my friends from home this week, we went out for dinner or drinks. Thanksgiving Eve is like the biggest drinking holiday of the year. Let’s just say, it was a week that I am now regretting as the permanent tiredness is setting in.

giphy (7).gif

I think the quickest fix, mainly when it comes to going out to restaurants and bars, lies in sharing apps or meals. Not only are you cutting calories by not eating full portions to yourself, but you’re saving so much money because the bill gets split with someone else.

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Drinking wise, I’m a proponent of BYOBs. For some reason, my SMALL town has like 36 bars and restaurants, but only like 7 liquor licenses so most of the restaurants are BYOB. By bringing my own bottle of wine, not only do I save like $20-$30 by not having to buy individual glasses, but I also cut down on sugar by not ordering lemon drop martinis or cosmos like i normally would.

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HOPEFULLY these little tips can help us all get through the holidays with a fatter wallet instead of a fatter waistline. Is this amazing advice? Yes. But will I listen to myself? Well, we’ll see. Enjoy the holiday season, everyone!

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xoxo festive b*tch

8 thoughts on “Avoiding Holiday Hibernation

  1. Your post is so funny yet so helpful at the same time. Like seriously during the holidays I swear all I do is drink a lot and eat a lot. SO thank you for this post because your tips about drinking wise and sharing food are great ways for saving money and having a good time.

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  2. I loved reading this post. I love the humor through the gifs, they went perfect with what you were saying. Also, thanks for mentioning the app! I had no idea but I’ll definitely be downloading it and hopefully going to the gym lol…that’s the hard part. Thanks for the tips!

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  3. Thank you for your humor and contagiously making this blog enjoyable! As I am avoiding the gym because it just gives me a headache, I did recently use the app to find one of the classes here. I’ll never go back to that particular yoga but, it was worth a try. If you change your mind and want to be a big turkey, hmu and we can be eat together ahaha!

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  4. It’s so convenient to have an on -campus gym right? I ate a ton of food for Thanksgiving and I gotta start working some of it off lol. I also try to keep my calories low everyday but it’s hard when some of the dining halls have the whole dunkin donuts menu for free right there in front of you.

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