Farewell, Friends

I hope you all had a fantastic week; welcome back to more of me talking.

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As we’ve come to the end of the semester, this is my last and final goodbye to you all.

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This blog was so much fun to write and it was truly a joy to share my wisdom each and every week. I know I taught you guys just so much because I’m so smart, but I actually DID learn some things myself.

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It’s been a journey. As an RA, I already know a lot about this school, but most of what I know has to do with resources to help my residents. Through this experience, I discovered some hidden gems like The Rutgers Club and the Gardens.

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I also found out so many amazing things related to student discounts on food and different deals…

AKA UNiDays and the fact that Starbucks offers free refills!!!!!!!!!

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Honestly, I may have saved you guys, but I really saved myself too. FREE. REFILLS. I’m still shook.

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When we first figured out our blog ideas all the way back three months ago, I remember being so confused and scared and concerned and indecisive and also mainly confused.

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Professor Standridge forced helped me to decide on this topic of “ballin’ on a budget” that I came up with and told me that this could turn into a really successful blog as long as I was able to focus my ideas into interesting content. My first real post was a bit of a mess and really did not work as helpful ballin’ tips. I felt like I really let myself down because, yeah it was fun to read, but it didn’t actually have anything to do with anything.

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I think ever since that first post about my birthday, my blog has stayed true to form and really developed into some read-worthy content.

giphy (10).gif

Plus, I’m like so funny.

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Anyway, I’m proud of how much work I put into this thing and really flattered by how much everyone seemed to like it.

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I did a lot of research for every post and had to venture outside of my room sometimes which was a lot of effort.

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I’m going to be sad that I’m not going to be reading everyone else’s post every week anymore, but I am kind of happy that I can delete the 9,000 gifs I downloaded onto my laptop every week. It’s the end of our blog era. It’s the end of Ballin’ on a Budget. I think we all killed it.

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I’m going to take a lot of what I learned about saving and try to continue to implement it into my life moving forward. I won’t have the blog anymore, but I can use these little tricks to save money while still enjoying myself. It’s amazing to see it all come full circle, because I’m pretty sure I said something like that in my “Mission Statement.”

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I hope you guys have a great rest of the semester and do great on your finals!

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xoxo sad, nostalgic, a little less broke b*tch

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