Mission Statement

Ballin’ on a budget: sounds pretty self-explanatory, but let me break it down for you.

giphy (3)


I’m (almost) 22 years old and I’m broke. I’m a senior in college, a full-time student, a full-time Resident Assistant, and a full-time broke b*tch.

BUT because I am 22 years old, I want to go out with my friends and enjoy life before the trials and tribulations of the “real world” force themselves upon me. I want to stay out until the sunrise and go to clubs and travel the world and experience a life fulfilled. I want to go on wine tastings and have dinner in Florence and breakfast in Paris. I want to swim in the Australian waters and go rock-climbing in South Africa.

giphy (2).gif

This blog is going to be me testing different ways to hack my way into experiencing the finer things in life. Elaborate wine tasting in the vineyards of California? Sounds like buying the cheapest bottles of wine at the closest liquor store and having a blind taste test with friends to find our next go-to fave. A fancy Italian dinner overlooking the Duomo? Pretty much the exact same as Brower takeout on a Sunday night looking over that sweet, sweet Raritan River. Maybe I’ll add a candle or two to really match that Florencian beauty. They have to be battery-powered candles though, wouldn’t want to violate the Fire Safety Policy #RAthings.

giphy (1).gif

My goal is to spend as little money as possible this semester, and maybe learn things to use throughout my life, without feeling like I’m missing out on exciting adventures and, to be honest, a lot of drinking and bar-hopping. Will I potentially cave one week and spend $300 I don’t have because I’m weak and lack control? I mean, I’m human. But, we can go through that experience together and join in on one huge depressing, pity party of existential dread and confusion. BUT MAYBE NOT! Maybe I’ll find the true thrifter that lives inside me and finally bring her to life.


So, come along with me on this journey, friends. Explore the fine art of knocking off some fine arts. Let’s see the world that awaits us on the other side.

xoxo broke b*tch


One thought on “Mission Statement

  1. I really love this Mission Statement. I loved the tone, your very funny writing style, the GIFS, the hyperlinks, it all absolutely worked!
    My only advice is to make sure that each week you explore something different (eating out should only be one post, for example), so that it feels fresh and new each and every time. I am really looking forward to reading your posts. Really well done!

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