Out with a Bang: The Last Supper(s)

This past weekend I went home to celebrate my upcoming birthday with my family.

giphy (16).gif

Going home is basically like going on one giant binge of all my favorite, money-consuming foods and activities. On Friday, my parents took me out to dinner where we had sangria and amazing food!!! I literally didn’t eat on campus at all that day so I could get THEIR money’s worth.

I mean go big or go home, am I right? What’s the point of spending all that money if you’re not going to enjoy yourself??

The next morning, I started off with some pampering to ease the pain and stresses of school and work and the subtle musings of my existential crisis. It probably says something about me that my first ritual of “pain-easing” was having my waxing done.

giphy (8).gif

It is cathartic in a sense that instead of worrying about what assignments I have to do, and which of my residents are causing problems, I was focusing on the sheer torture of having wax poured onto my skin and then instantly ripped away.

giphy (9).gif

At least my brows are absolutely flawless now…

Less horrifyingly, I got my nails done and then took an incredible nap in preparation for going to my aunt’s house later that night. All my family was there to celebrate ME and to shower ME with love for blessing their lives for another year (you’re welcome).

giphy (10)

I went to bed super early, a luxury I do nOT have at school because duh, in order to get some much needed rest. I had breakfast with my dad, did lots of laundry (not gonna catch me paying $1.50 PER machine literally ever), took a long shower (no shower shoes necessary!!), and went on my way back to the homeland.

giphy (17).gif

AND NOW it’s all gone to shit because I’m back on campus for who knows how long and my aunt’s not here to cook me all my favorite foods every day. But I will make it work!! For the love of all that is good and pure I! Will! Make! It! Work! I literally have to, I mean not just for this class, but I actually have almost zero moneys.

giphy (15).gif

My goal for this week is to celebrate my birthday with my friends without saying goodbye to my bank account. It’s gonna be really tough but I’m on the lookout for activities to make staying in really fun and deals on going out that are within my budget.

This week’s budget (more inflated than most week’s because birthday) is: $110.

I know you’re probably thinking, “$110? How could she possibly spend more than that in a week??” You’ve got a lot to learn about me, my friend.

giphy (12).gif

This weekend was basically my last meal before going on a detox or a diet. Except instead of wanting to lose weight, I want a nice, fat wallet in the end. I’m hoping I got all of my spending needs out of the way this weekend and my brain is ready to be frugal; FUN, but frugal.

Tonight was probably a good start… Here are my dinners from Friday night and tonight side by side for the full effect of sadness:

Please enjoy some other pictures from this weekend while I have “crying myself to sleep” for dessert…

Until next week…

giphy (13).gif

xoxo sad, broke b*tch

5 thoughts on “Out with a Bang: The Last Supper(s)

  1. I can definitely agree with having sad meals and being super excited to go home because that’s where all the goodness is. I live in an on-campus apartment so that means no dining halls and buying food. We just went grocery shopping (frugally) and I’m already scared of running out! Nothing beats a home-cooked meal from family :/ I wish I could have a budget of $110 for a week though!

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  2. I really love the concept you chose, and I truly enjoy your writing style and voice, as it’s fun and personable, but I am a little confused by your post.
    The entire premise is ballin’ on a budget, but while you mentioned what your budget was, you didn’t really specify the things you did with it, or if you did (the manicure, the waxing), you didn’t tell us how much they cost. Yes, the birthday theme was a good one, but I didn’t get a sense of how this story worked with your overall mission statement.
    A few context clues in this post also worried me that this blog is possibly just going to be a diary of how you spend your money from week to week and possibly where you’ve saved. If that’s the case, I don’t think that’s a good direction to go in. As I said to you in person and on your mission statement, I strongly encourage you to choose a specific theme each week, and within that theme discuss ways in which you can still “ball” while not overspending, or spending anything at all (i.e. drinking, eating, movies, art, etc. everything a college student may want to do, but is worried about the bottom line).
    If you would like, we can also discuss this in office hours. Don’t get discouraged, though, a great blog is here, you just need to iron out a couple creases, which won’t be too hard to do. This blog has so much potential!

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  3. I love the theme of your blog and think it’s really relatable because its rare to find a college student who is not, in fact, ballin’ on a budget. With that being said, I think it would be cool if you talked more about what you used your budget on and told us how much of it you spent at the end of the week, or if you went over your budget. I’d also recommend talking about finding good deals and ways to save money since that’s what I expected your blog to be about after reading your mission statement. I’m excited to see what you do with it next week!

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  4. When I go home I make use of my parents! It’s an unspoken truth. What I would say is focus more on the things that you have to purchase because it is about you and how you spend your money. Towards the end I felt like that was a better representation of your blog topic. Can’t wait to read next weeks topic.

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  5. I really like your topic, I feel like most students can relate to it, including myself. My housemates and I always have a meeting every week where we talk about our weekly budget and what we will use it on. Most of the time we make dinner together or we order food and the rest of the time we hit the dinning halls… but we all now it’s not the best choice. With that being said I’m always looking for other ways to use my money more efficiently and I hope I find ideas here!

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