UNiDAYS: You’re Welcome

For those who don’t know, UNiDAYS is a website that is basically the college student’s breath of fresh air in a miserable, torrential downpour of shit.

giphy (21)

The organization partners with around a billion (or so) companies of varying purposes and uses in order to give *verified* college students the discounts we have earned and deserve!!

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giphy (23)

Once you’re on their website (you better already be there!), you make an account with your student email and once you agree to the Terms (duh) THEY LET YOU SAVE MONEY ON SO MANY PLATFORMS, OH MY GOD!!! Did I mention the membership is free????

It would literally take me 6 days to write out all of their offers so here’s a few that I absolutely have loved/will absolutely be using soon!

giphy (24).gif


UM, HELLO!!! So, I never had a Mac because wow, expensive. But a few months ago my 876th HP shit the bed and I realized that it would make more sense to buy a durable, well-made, quality piece of machinery that would last me a few years. Cue UNiDAYS with their $300 off Mac computer discount!! YES $300 OFF A MAC PRODUCT FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS!!! HELLO, COUNT ME IN THANKS!

giphy (25).gif


giphy (19)

AND ANOTHER THING! More things! Using UNiDAYS, you can have the three month, free trial of Apple Music AND THEN only pay $4.99 per month instead of $9.99 per month like the regulars pay. That’s a 50% discount… yes, 50%.

2. BOBBI BROWN COSMETICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an amazingly beautiful company Bobbi Brown is, honestly. Their products are gorgeous, but SO EXPENSIVE. Guess what! 20% off an online order of Bobbi Brown makeup. Personally, this is one of my favorite makeup brands, but because UNiDAYS is actual magic there are a ton of discounts for other cosmetic companies (like ColourPop and MAC). Catch me crying happy tears next time I go to Bobbi Brown’s website.

giphy (18)


We all need clothes, it’s not fair that the cute ones cost more. Til BOOM they don’t thanks to ME (and UNiDAYS). There’s an additional 10% off sale items at Calvin Klein, up to 40% off at Express(!), extra 10% off Under Armour site-wide sales, 20% off American Apparel, plus literally dozens of other stores that are totally incredible!! I am in total awe of this website guys and I’ve been a member for a year; if you haven’t joined while reading this post already then what are you doing?!?

giphy (26).gif


While UNiDAYS doesn’t have, like, a ton of restaurant discounts (cause GroupOn, ya know), they DO have offers on things like:

  • 15% off HelloFresh
  • $10 off GrubHub and Seamless
  • $15 eGift card when you join Sam’s Club

giphy (27).gif

…they did their best, okay?

5. Practical Needs

Ever wanted to read the Wall Street Journal, but thought “Hey, it costs money to read online? Nvm.”? Cause, same. With UNiDAYS, all that adult news we should definitely be reading about is only $1 for the first 15 weeks. That’s about 4 months before you have to figure out whether or not you want to pay the real price and then inevitably cancel the subscription!

giphy (28)

UNiDAYS also offers a free premium upgrade to KickResume members, a website with a Resume Builder, a job search engine, and lots of other techniques to enhance securing a career.

giphy (29).gif

There’s discounts with Bed Bath and Beyond, Samsung, Microsoft, GeniusPack, Kate Spade, Vimeo, and so many other things I don’t think I even know all the things. It’s an incredible resource to have in your repertoire. UNiDAYS helps make the, mostly, frivolous spending I do a lot less heartbreaking.

giphy (30).gif

I hope you utilize this incredible tool because it’s truly a necessity. Especially for the presents I’m expecting as thanks for introducing you; they have an amazing discount on 1-800-Flowers!!

giphy (31)

xoxo moderately optimistic, but still super broke b*tch

9 thoughts on “UNiDAYS: You’re Welcome

  1. I was actually surprised by the amount of discounts they had. I clicked on the link you have and i signed up right away. I appreciate this post you will be saving me money in the future. I am really gonna be balling out on these discounts… but on a budget!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great post! My old roommate actually told me about UNiDAYS a few years ago but I never really bothered to check it out until I read your post. Now I wish that I had used UNiDAYS before I bought my expensive MacBook Air last year. Would’ve saved a lot of money! Thank you for this post as now I know what to do for next time I want to buy something and save money. Keep up the great work and the informative posts for us broke college students!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Yes, this is definitely what I was talking about when I encouraged you to think smaller and more specific with your blog. If you are able to do something like this, every week, you will not only have a fun and readable blog, but you will most definitely be true to your mission of ballin’ on a budget!
    Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. WHERE WAS THIS POST WHEN I NEEDED IT????? If I had known this a week ago I could have saved soooo much. So last week my iphone and HP laptop broke, I was in total technological darkness. In a manic rush, I went to apple and bought a MAC, RIP TO ME. Your blog would have been really really helpful, I should know more about this, I am always trying to save some. For examples, years ago I found this website, Skyscanner.com, it makes you save sooo much, I ended up flying to the Netherlands for 150 dollars.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Whyyyyyy!!!! Whyyyyyy must you always bless my feed like this!!!!! Like there is no way I am not downloading this! ALSOOOOOOOOOOOO, you really just out here getting a whole laptop for cheap like this?!?!?!? I’m literally shook! I payed a arm, leg, and right lung just to get this device that better last me MY WHOLE LIFE!!! Once again thank you for providing me with the necessary tools to get discounts on awesome stuff and, most importantly, FOOD!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. OH yeah I’m gonna use this. I literally buy stuff wayyy to much than I should be :(. I feel like if I wanna learn how to save money in college I’m gonna be reading your blogs pretty often. With that being said, Can’t wait for your next posts.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. This is so helpful, I’ve never heard of this website but after reading this I’ll definitely check it out because a girl is broke right now!! Your personality in your blogs is so funny it makes me love reading them. I can’t wait for the next post because I’m always looking for more ways to save my money!

    Liked by 2 people

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